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Sheet Music

This book is a collection of 24 solo piano pieces that were released between 2012 and 2022, including music from my albums The Monarch and the Viceroy (2012), All your life you walk (2014), Sculptures (2016), Retronyms (2019) and Correlations (on 11 pianos) (2020) and from my EPs Retronyms B-Sides (2019), Correlations B-Sides (2020) and Munich Session (2021).
Some of these pieces are written down exactly as played on these recordings, for others I chose a more open notation that leaves room for improvisation and your own interpretation. In general, the harmonic accompaniments can be interpreted quite freely. I also tend to vary the accompaniments that I use, when I perform on a stage.
Using a constant sustain pedal is essential to performing my music, so it is indicated as closely as possible, but in most pieces only in the first couple of bars to give you a sense of how to use it in the particular piece.
Dynamics of each piece are indicated quite roughly; the music is mostly quiet and gentle, so I tend to bring important melody elements or motifs into the foreground while keeping harmonic structure and accompaniment softer in the background.
Metronome markings match the tempo of the album recordings, but may be interpreted freely.
From the moment I composed my very first piece of music, I imagined it being performed by other players as well. It means so much to me when my music is not only listened to, but also played, interpreted, and even rethought.
Thank you for supporting me on my musical journey by buying this book, I hope you’ll enjoy playing and exploring my music.


My fellow creatures
Fantasia on Bach
I wanted you to know
We tell ourselves stories in order to listen
Senna’s joy
And she was
Dark tree
The place where they go
Fragile window
Lilac threads
And gently drops the rain
For they had things to say
Today and it’s gone
Step out from time
Nowhere to be found
The whole truth
Lie with me

Design: Daily Dialogue
Photography: Johannes Brugger

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Carlos Cipa München, Germany

Carlos Cipa is a Munich-based classically trained pianist, composer and producer in the contemporary classical field.

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